Christian Valverde

Christian is one of Toyota's favorite artists to perform for their corporate events. Large corporations have sought out the 'Christian Valverde Show' for their high-end events. A great time was had by all at the Toyota event below through ENSAMBLE CULTURAL Event Planning. @ToyotaArgentina


The creative impulse comes from the depths of our soul. It is like a flame that burns us and molds us inside. Hard to contain ... I listen to a lot of music, I feel different shades, I enjoy different nuances, sounds, murmurs, voices, shouts, instruments, diverse creative mixtures. Just as we are unrepeatable, we create individually and uniquely. I am convinced that you have to be encouraged to show yourself intimately. From the subtlety of a note well placed in the greatest simplicity to the brutal force of a musical whirlwind that blows your head. We must overcome our fears and know that many will share them and many others will not. Many will applaud and many others will not. Many will leave our side, and many new ones will come! The important thing is the Search for OUR Happiness to BE ourselves. Sometimes to RE-NOVAROS we need to shake, slap each other, throw ourselves cold water, sneak and shout at ourselves: wake up! Awake!!! Wake up soul!

(Wake up soul!): Ph: @patriciabollo_foto_arte.

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